Advantages of Online Christian Dating

Whether you are looking for a love-connection, a friend who will share your enthusiasm in a hobby or special interest, or just someone in your age group to correspond with, we have the largest selection of Christians singles available, over five million world wide. So broaden your horizon! At the same time that you are looking for your ideal Christian soul mate, you can make friends around the world from the comfort of your home.. Then you will be more excited when you hear your computer announcing, “You’ve got mail.” Would you like to find out more about revivals in Argentina? Or the churches’ growth in Russia since they’ve come out of their underground meetings to worship openly? Foreign correspondents will be just as eager to ask questions about your country, since the media isn’t interested in regular folks, but just in those who make news.

We will give you information about “Netiquette” to avoid embarrassing goofs; tell you, step by step, how to get your free Christian dating membership; how to save money on a subscription to a service; and special tips for seniors who may be entering Christian online dating for the first time. We will tell you when to let your new friend know your phone number or address, and the important precautions you should take, in the beginning, to protect your identity and much, much more. All of this will be interspersed with a little humor to give your beautiful smile and laugh a workout. Think of it as aerobics for the funny bone! Hey, why not indulge yourself? It’s free, non- fattening, and humor can chase the blues away. (A cheerful heart doeth good, like a medicine!)

And let’s face it, Christian singles, most of us do not have the nerve to walk up to a stranger at a singles’ party or class, and strike up a conversation. You wonder if they will welcome your interest, or if they will give you the cold shoulder. And if someone pursues you in a setting like that, and you know they’re not your type, then you are burdened with the unpleasant and sad task of somehow telling them you are not interested, or attracted to them. What a horrible predicament to be in, having to hurt their feelings. But thanks to online friendships, both of you can become friends, first, and then gradually decide if you want to pursue a relationship, or just remain friends. No one gets hurt, and the time has been well spent, keeping each other company and sharing thoughts and dreams. You can also begin by getting into a conversation in the chat room. If you don’t know much about the subject they are discussing, you can always ask questions to have some input, or just enjoy hearing all their views, storing away certain comments or ideas for later use when you have a one-on-one conversation with someone else. Or you could look for “rooms” separated by geographical location or a topic of interest, say discussions on prophecy, science & the Bible, or hobbies, cooking, etc. to hone your communications skills and meet new friends. We offer rooms in foreign languages, including Spanish, Tagalog and Portuguese, and we have a friendship room where you can find friends and pen pals. You may like to look through our online magazine, in which members are encouraged to submit short articles or statements on many subjects, such as “Should you kiss on the first date.” (The consensus of opinion was No.) It also gives you the opportunity to give a testimony of what the Lord has been doing in your life or expound on any subject you like. Through this magazine you will interact with other members, and feel more at home.