Discover Hidden Roots Of Depression

Discover Hidden Roots Of Depression

Realize that anger, irritability, and self-hatred are the spiritual roots of depression and use this knowledge to propel yourself out of your misery. Don’t fall for the lie that you will never get better. These problems are psychosomatic and can be eradicated. Christian singles, have faith that our Lord will help you recover completely from loneliness and depression.


Meet single Christian women or men for long term romance. Read our dating advice from dating coach Katherine Tapani.Other sources of depression can include a chemical imbalance in your brain; low blood sugar, which makes it hard to control anger and nervousness; lack of adequate sleep; lack of sunshine; and a diet high in sugar, starches and junk food snacks. Chemical imbalances are treated with anti-depressants, if necessary. Low blood sugar can be cured with a diet high in animal protein, non-starchy vegetables and fruits, and some whole grains, and no sugar. The need for this diet should be determined by your doctor, after the necessary blood tests have indicated low blood sugar. Having low blood sugar makes you feel shaky, weak, unable to concentrate, breaking out into a cold sweat, nervous and irritated. If you snack on turkey breast, beef or other animal protein (without breading or other carbohydrate added,) you will feel the nervousness literally drain downward through your body, and your brain will feel normal and alert again. The reason that I can describe the symptoms is because I suffered from it before doctors believed it was real. After my blood sugar tested at 29 (normal glucose is between 65-99mg/dl) my doctor still wouldn’t admit I had a medical problem but I will give him credit for advising me to go on the diet described above, with protein snacks between meals to keep my blood sugar stabilized. From then on, I’ve never eaten a meal of mostly starches and sugar, and I’ve  never had low blood sugar  again. This diet also protects you from high blood sugar or type 2 diabetes, but you must be under a doctor’s supervision to be sure you are taking care of your body safely. The remedies for other sources of depression are too obvious to describe; get plenty of sunshine and sleep. Exercise will help with these two sources, because you can walk or run in the sunshine and exercise may help you sleep, if not done too close to bedtime. Low blood sugar also causes mood swings, low energy and confusion.

The definition of the word psychosomatic is: “Pertaining to the interrationships of mind and body, with special reference to disease; 2, designating a branch of medicine that investigates the reciprocal influences in the cause, prevention, treatment, and cure of disease.”  Christian singles, whatever you say about yourself, over and over, your mind will take as fact and it will act on it accordingly. Psychosomatic illnesses must be dealt with on a spiritual level. Your faith in God will help when you really do believe He will heal, to bring health and restore your God-given right, a sound mind. Believe it and receive it!

We do not in any way suggest you refuse to see a doctor or quit taking medicine without medical advice. We feel that doctors are a blessing from God. But when medical science has done all it can do and no hope for a cure is evident, then the Lord is the only source for a miracle. Physicians will readily admit that many diseases cannot be cured, but only managed, and this is where a knowledge of the psychosomatic causes, the root causes can help. If you can eradicate fear, self-hatred, and anger from your mind and heart (soul), you can remove the source and put your mind and body on a course to self-healing.  A good, positive attitude, and a new dialog with your mind and heart speaking only life-affirming, faith-based words can make all the difference, especially in overcoming depression. The medical emphasis now is on preventive care, so that we won’t cause a disease by our bad health choices and negative thought patterns and habits. This is what we need to do  Christian singles, after learning how to speak healing upon ourselves: regular maintenance must follow our healing to ward off future recurrences. We cannot allow ourselves to fall back into those old patterns of self-pity, self-rejection, hatred, hopelessness, etc., but must continue on with our RENEWED minds.(Eph.4:23 be renewed in the spirit of your mind,…put on the new man…; and 2Cor.5:17, ..if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away,all things have become new.)