What the Ten Commandments Have to do with Finding Your Soulmate?

Ten Commandments and Finding Your Soulmate

Meet single Christian women or men for long term romance. Read our dating advice from dating coach Katherine Tapani.The Ten Commandments and Your Wondrous Qualities and Assets

After your inventory, consider how you fulfill the spiritual requirements of the Ten Commandments, at a deep level.

The first Commandment: Love and honor the Lord above everything else. Christian singles will prize this in you, above all else.

The Second Commandment: Do not bow down to idols nor idolize anything or anyone.

The Third Commandment: The name of our Lord will always be held in awe and reverence.

The Fourth Commandment: His Sabbath will be honored and respected.

The Fifth Commandment: We will honor our earthly parents.

The Sixth Commandment: We will not kill.

The Seventh Commandment: We will not commit adultery.

The Eighth Commandment: We will not steal.

The Ninth Commandment: We will not lie (bear false witness)

The Tenth Commandment: We will not covet our neighbor’s property.

These Commandments are our sure guide to living lives acceptable to God and man. In honoring and living out the Ten Commandments we demonstrate character, trustworthiness, maturity, self control, self respect and respect for others. Keeping these Commandments will demonstrate to all that we have high standards and that we can be trusted, a quality Christian singles look for in a mate.

Surveying your Wondrous Qualities and Assets:

In making an inventory of your sterling qualities, also check out these sources; The fruit of the Spirit chapter,Gal.5; The Beatitudes chapter, Matt.5; The wisdom chapter, Prov. 8;

These are areas where you probably excel and have never given yourself credit. I say this, not to puff you up with pride, but to help you see you are far from hopeless. For any legalists reading this, please consider the lonely; they are the ‘poor in spirit’ who don’t need condemnation because they condemn themselves, as a result of their unhealthy self-rejection. They are the Savior’s loved ones, trying to put things right in their lives. Let’s encourage them instead. We all are sinners saved by God’s incredible, unmerited grace!

Now that you’ve reviewed these attributes of a person of good character, a loving, forgiving person, you will be heartened by your performance in these areas, and ready to tackle those areas that need some help. Just ask the Lord to forgive you and to help you. He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. This project in self improvement will encourage you as you reach toward a higher level, mentally, spiritually and physically. Having projects like this takes your mind off your loneliness long enough to plant affirming, positive, Holy Spirit inspired thoughts in it’s place. You will have to practice this habit until it becomes second nature to mentally push away thoughts of loneliness and replace them with affirming, Holy Spirit anointed thoughts. Of course you may repeat this new habit many times a day, as you wish, and also keep the habit a regular part of your spiritual and physical workouts, for what you think about surely has effects on your body, soul and spirit.

Christian singles: Did you know that the power of positive affirmation can endear you to others? It’s so easy to do, yet the effect it has is awesome. People really need to hear from you that their good deeds did not go unnoticed. As an example, I saw an elderly neighbor helping a disabled man get up from a fall. Later, I complimented him on his patience and kindness to a stranger. He was so touched that someone had noticed his unselfish deed that he had tears in his eyes. Your acknowledgement of another’s kindness will lift their spirits, because they need to know they are making a difference. It tells them that their lives have importance and they are innately valuable. Here’s something to think about: When you meet your soul mate (I use that in a Biblical sense, not with any New Age connotation) and you show appreciation for their good deeds, you will rise to new heights in their eyes because you have allowed them to see themselves through another’s eyes. They will feel as good about you as you have made them feel about themselves.

Your Wondrous Qualities and Assets

Now that you’ve realized that you have many inner strengths and that you really do shine in many areas you will begin to build a stronger self image, not overly proud, but with more self-assurance. This will serve notice on satan (I won’t capitalize his name; he deserves no honor) that you will no longer fall for his condemnation tricks. Rebuke those arrows that pierce your heart. You are a new creation in Christ! And we all are a work in progress!

Now that I’m peeved about satan, I may as well set the record straight with my critics (and they are Legion!) Hmm, where have I heard that term before?? Critics will rake me over the coals for ignoring the fact that physical attractiveness is the FIRST thing a date will notice because it is the source of “Chemistry”, that all important ingredient in making a love connection. Well, since it has been estimated that 95% of the world’s population is average looking, at best (OK, it’s my estimate) there aren’t enough Brad Pitts and J-LO’s to go around for everyone. But ordinary people do attract each other and they don’t see an average person when they look into each other’s eyes. They see in each other what others might not, and they experience passionate love and contentment too. I remember seeing a poll on marital sexual satisfaction, contrasting Christian couples vs. secular couples, and the group reporting the greatest contentment in this category were the Christians. I don’t know why, maybe they read that steamy Song of Solomon book before retiring, or maybe it was because they knew there would be no one else for either of them so they made it satisfying. Christian singles look to the qualities that will last forever and these are patience, a happy outlook, compatibility, and a similar faith in God, the third party in their marriage.