Increase your joy; tickle a rat!

Tickle A Rat; Spread The Joy!

The Joy Module

Meet single Christian women or men for long term romance. Read our dating advice from dating coach Katherine Tapani.Tickle A Rat; Spread The Joy! You’ve heard of the God Module, Christian singles, now consider the Joy Module, which we share with many of God’s creatures.

Incompetent Christians  didn’t build an insulation around hapless students so they would understand only God could, logically, have created all things. Ironically,  now many proponents of Intelligent Design, like Molecular Biologist  Michael Denton, “Evolution: A Theory In Crisis”  are non-believers who have seen through the impossibility of the theory of evolution! (They don’t agree that the God of the Bible designed it all, but they are hoping to find some force or unknown mechanism to credit with the overwhelming, undeniable evidence for design.)

So despite Communism’s forced conversions to atheism and even the growing anti-God movement in Socialist countries in Europe and elsewhere, people everywhere know there is an empty place within them that only God can fill. God didn’t build His “God Module” in them for nothing!

Now we need to get back to the “joy module.” Sorry, your dating coach’s  mind is prone to wander. (short attention span, you know.) I’ll try to stay on message, OK?  Why did God place a joy module in animals, too? Maybe to confound the evolutionists, but I think He gave them this beautiful gift so that “all of creation could feel joy and declare the glory and wonder of our Creator.”

Animals simply love life, and many of them make it so obvious to us that we couldn’t miss their joy. Dogs and dolphins are great examples of this. We can learn a lot just watching them at play. Have you seen a dog smile? Some have big grins, but if you haven’t seen it, they express their joy with their whole bodies, too, wagging their tails so hard they nearly fall over. They make happy sounds and playful signals that call us to join in on the fun.

Not to be out done, cats also express deep joy and contentment with their purr motors going full throttle when human friends hold them on their laps and pet them. (unfortunately, if you don’t protect your legs, their delirious kneading may pierce your flesh,) If you’re a cat lover, Christian singles, you know the healing power of that comforting feline purr. As you stroke your four legged friend, it seems that all is well with the world and a calm and peace fall upon you. Imagine how kittens feel, feeding from Mama, serenaded by her rhythmic purring. It must be pure bliss. Cats express their love for humans by rubbing up against our legs or snuggling around our heads as we sleep. How many times have I awakened to find a heavy cat draped across my neck and another wrapped around my head? Why can’t they sleep at my feet to keep them warm, instead? But they have their reasons, I’m sure. Too fastidious?  Too squeamish?

Now, finally to the peculiar discovery of joyful, laughing rats! Researchers found when the rat’s are tickled gently around the nape of their necks, the rats break out in rapturous chirps, their form of laughter, heard only with high tech devices because the sound is above the range of human hearing. Rats laugh? Who knew?!!

Actually, according to several articles on the subject, this discovery in the emerging field of animal sounds has human application, which excites the neuroscientists. They’ve proven that during human laughter, “ dopamine reward circuits in the brain light up.” This research may lead to revolutionary treatment for emotional illnesses and the brain chemistry involved with emotional problems such as Autism, ADD, hyperactivity, etc. Although I’d never heard of this research in animal emotions, it has been going on for years, and is now thoroughly accepted, even by previous skeptics. A researcher said that the rats are discriminating, only laughing for researchers of their own liking, and refusing to laugh for those they don’t like. The tickle-loving rats came back for more and grew close to some researchers.