A Personal Ad Tutorial For Christian Women

To create an ad which will put you  above 95 % of the competition, Christian singles, follow the simple instructions ahead. Fortunately for women  the online dating scene is predominantly male in terms of numbers. This works to your advantage – more fish to choose from. This doesn’t mean that you can rest on your laurels however. You will still need at least a cursory knowledge of what motivates men, and your own original creative touch. 

Putting together a great ad will take a little effort, but will prove to be very rewarding both in the positive feedback from respondents and catching that ideal mate. 

Now, Let’s get started. 

First we must structure the ad to make the most sense while grabbing his attention and keeping him locked on you. Make him want to read your ad by using compelling imagery. Remember men are more visually stimulated than you are. (Generally speaking) 

The following are the simple steps to a great Christian dating ad.

1. First things first. Use a complimentary photo of yourself. Alluring is good, but remember that your audience is Christian men. Be careful not to offend their sensibilities. Be sure to project yourself as warm and inviting. Smile and look into the camera. Looking away makes you seem aloof. Use body language that says come a little bit closer.

2. Salutations – According to Parade magazine a simple Hi! is a great opener. no one expects you to open with complicated greetings. This is just the ice breaker.

3. Personal introduction – Give your first name and /or nickname if you wish.

4. Biographical information – Start out with an opener which will grab his attention and reach into his heart. Appeal to him emotionally.  Make him have to read your ad! After this stage give him the facts and fancies. You will want to paint a vivid mental picture of your life.

Be honest and avoid the heartbreak of separation caused by dishonesty. Maybe he would rather have a school marme than the Queen of Maldiva after all! Let him know your faith. The man who answers will need information on which to connect and converse about. 

This is your bio, Christian women, so include what you wish. Items usually mentioned are; age, occupation, marriage history and children, race, place of birth, where you live, favorite foods, entertainment, favorite Christian music, books, preferences, hobbies,  tastes,  education.

Finally, give him some tangible asset about yourself to make him want you. No boasting. Put it in such a way that you do not seem over the top. Put it something like – I’ve been told that I have a great laugh or that I’m a great cook. 

5. Your desires. Now that you have told him you know who you are, tell him  you know what you want. Do you want a down to earth guy? Say so. The macho men will be repelled and the man who appreciates it most will answer your call. Be descriptive and to the point!

6. Conclusion – Now that you have told him who you are and what you want, paint a picture of what your lives might be like together. Something romantically appealing works wonders. Woo him. Be careful in your invitation not to use negative or conditional words like – if you are the one. Instead of this use – you are the one I would love to warm up by the fire with. He will know when you are speaking to him, if he is the one. Use these final words to make him feel like a kindred soul. 




As you can see, the same advice generally applies to single men as well.  However, Cherishmates Blog has some information of special interest to single Christian women in search of a lifetime partner in marriage. The importance of writing an intriguing profile (personal ad) is explained more thoroughly, as is the role of the dating service.

Inside Information : How Our Dating Service Works, And Some Of The Perks
The number of replies you get will depend greatly on the quality of your profile. Here are some helpful tips; Upload a photograph. People like to see who they are writing to, and, as a result, profiles with photographs get up to 10 times the clicks as those that don’t have a photograph. You can either upload a photo from a digital camera or a scanner. If you don’t have a scanner, we can do it for you (for a nominal fee). For a link to the section called “How do I upload photos” click our sponsor’s ad on this page and then click on HELP at the top of the page. Then click on “Tips to remember when creating a profile” and look for “how do I upload photos”.

Create a catchy title for your profile. When members search listings on the site, the title is listed next to your name. As a general rule, titles like “Hi” do not catch people’s attention, whereas more personalized titles do.

Think before you write. Feel free to write as much as you want in our essay portion of the signup pages. Tell other members about yourself; for instance, your likes and dislikes ( A note from Cherishmates: Go easy on your dislikes; A long list may give members the impression that you are too picky, or too hard to please, or that you are a negative person whom no one could satisfy.) Also, tell what line of work you’re in, describe your personality,  even your hopes and dreams. The better your profile describes you, the more likely it is that others will read and respond to it. If you can’t think of anything right away, you can always add more later. And don’t forget to fill out the optional profile questions- these will also help other members get to know you even better.