Darwin Family Inbreeding Scandal vs. God’s Plan for Marriage

God’s Plan for Marriage

Meet single Christian women or men for long term romance. Read our dating advice from dating coach Katherine Tapani.Noting that human babies begin to laugh at about 4 months of age, evolutionists surmised that sharing laughter with mother was an important means of communicating. Unfortunately, a writer wobbled off course at this point, when he speculated that “Biologists suggest that nature considers sounds of joy important enough to have conserved them in evolution.” What, now “nature” has human or god-like capabilities? Only a thinking, intelligent agent can “consider” and “conserve.”  indicating that evolutionists evidently believe nature must have a brain, somewhat like ours! Why are they so irrational, Christian singles?  Do they really believe we aren’t intelligent enough to question the notion that “nature” could have a brain, developed enough to “consider sounds of joy important”? Perhaps their shaky Darwinian philosophy couldn’t produce scientific evidence to prove that laughter happened by accident? But their problem goes one step further! They have to prove that animal laughter happened by accident and then, by accident again, human and animal laughter have been proven to have healing properties, of which, we are now only scratching the surface!!! No, thank you. Occam’s Razor slices through their convoluted, flaky, fairy tale of unbelievable natural forces that, somehow, can “CONSIDER sounds of joy important enough to have conserved them in evolution”, and yet this force doesn’t have a brain? Let’s consider Occam’s razor again: “ the simplest theory that fit’s the facts corresponds most closely to reality.”  Watch the simplicity, elegance and beauty of the opening statement of  the Bible: “IN THE BEGINNING, GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH.”  The grandeur of that sweeping statement meet’s Occam’s requirements and fit’s a mountain of evidence for Intelligent Design.

One interesting aside before we return to laughter as a powerful medicine for you: Darwin is held in high esteem by diehard evolutionists, but his personal life and choices resulted in four of his 10 innocent children being sickly, and mentally troubled. And 3 of them died young. You see the harm caused by a few generations of inbreeding,  the Darwins and  Wedgewoods (of Wedgewood China fame), cousins marrying cousins, evidently to keep the family fortune intact. His ego deceived him into believing people of his station and intellect needn’t fear God’s law against inbreeding, because it only applied to the lower class. That’s why God’s laws protect you, as  Christian singles seeking a marriage made in Heaven!

Darwin, and others of his time, had the audacious belief that breeding for a superior race and culling the population of inferior minds (eugenics) would create a better society. IRONICALLY, SOME OF DARWIN’S TEN CHILDREN WOULD HAVE FALLEN INTO HIS PERCEIVED INFERIOR (EXPENDABLE) CLASS, DUE TO HIS ANCESTOR’S AND HIS INBREEDING!   The author of “Charles Darwin; The Power Of Place”, Janet Browne, wrote that Darwin was jealous of the healthy children born to the unwashed, the poorly educated! But, at least, they knew better than to inbreed. Stories of ancient pharaohs should have been a warning, even if some didn’t believe the Bible. I heard someone say that a well known  royal family from across the pond  ( I won’t say who) “had inbred to within one chromosome of insanity.” I suppose this would not apply to first generation inbreeding, or cousins marrying cousins, if they didn’t share any harmful genes, but I don’t know. I never met any couples who were first cousins. Darwin and his powerful family thought they were immune to God’s laws, and their children paid a high price for their parental inbreeding.  That’s all I have to say about “Kissin’ cousins!”

You may wish to study inbreeding and associated birth defects and diseases, or the horrendous history of the eugenics movement.  Eugenics is alive and well today.  And those who believe in culling the population sometimes have the biggest families, such as Ted Turner, who had 5 children! If he really believed his own plan for everyone to have small families, which three of his children should he have culled out?

Now on to a happier subject, and how our wonderful laughing animals are a source of deep healing for us.  If you don’t have a pet, a friend’s pet will do nicely.  They are so full of love, there’s plenty to go around.

We can learn much from animals at play. They aren’t languishing in a corner, as I once did, waiting for everything in my life to be perfect before I would allow myself to be happy. Animals “seize the day”. They throw themselves into the moment, enjoying simple pleasures with maximum zeal and abandon. They “make fun” with objects like sticks, string, sunbeams or even imaginary playthings in the air (or do they see things we do not?) Dogs and dolphins have proven very sensitive to human pain and infirmity and are used to help people heal.  Hospitals and hospices are incorporating visiting dogs to bring joy to patients who welcome the escape from their troubles for a few minutes. Even the dying will respond to a friendly dog’s love. It’s never too late to take God’s medicine for a broken heart. Albert E. Cliffe said, “You know, you sometimes think yourself into a depression. Do you know you can also think yourself into gladness? It is by such thinking that you get well.”

Laughter, along with finding the root cause of my depression, having prayer and counseling for inner healing and other methods were the most helpful antidotes for me and for others and they also form the basis for eradicating future bouts with loneliness and depression. I will be repeating these methods throughout this guide to refresh your mind, because I know concentrating can be difficult. Also, one more thing. When I was sick, depressed and lonely years ago, I discovered something odd. I realized that I could give myself permission to get well and be happy again. I could let go of the negative thoughts I’d unknowingly punished myself with, and in their place, I began to believe I deserved happiness. If you think this may apply to your struggle with loneliness and depression, I urge you to entertain those two thoughts in your mind. I speak God’s blessing and healing upon you, dear Christian single, in Jesus’ name, Amen.