Writing Unforgettable, Intriguing Personal Profiles

Hi! We have a treat in store for you; some dynamite tips to assure that you will have a rewarding first encounter with Christian online dating, and for those of you who are veterans of internet matchmaking, some ideas you won’t hear anywhere else.
And another thing- why does an advice column have to be so dry and boring? Who says we can’t have fun? Is it written in stone somewhere? Is there room on the web for goofy people with off the wall ideas? We think there is, but to test this theory, we would like a critique of our sample personals ad, a profile of a challenging case for matchmaking, to say the least! But if we can find a date for Ralph, and we will, finding the perfect match for you will be a piece of cake! Here is Ralph’s pitch to the ladies out there. It is a profile of sublime positive thinking! Ralph has mastered the art of self-promotion, of focusing the reader on his greatest assets, and like the consummate salesman, he moves quickly to close the deal. When you write your own personals ad, you would be wise to “accentuate the positive” as Ralph does with breath-taking panache, indicating he is a world class raconteur and romantic. Here is the profile of a very unique gentleman seeking the girl of his dreams:

Hi! I’m Ralph. Ladies, I’m tired of being looked upon as a sex object! I want a woman who will love me for my mind. Although I’m a tad physically-challenged, I’m still quite a specimen, as you can see!My friends say that I’m somewhat cerebral, And I don’t like to brag, but I’ve been invited to the most prestigious university laboratories in the world. If you are tired of mindless, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, I’m the one for you!  Eagerly awaiting your response, my e-mail address is bonvivant2inajar@aol.com

Readers, don’t bother e-mailing Ralph. The address is part of the sample personals ad, not a real one. If Ralph’s ad doesn’t give you enough direction in writing a profile that will captivate the Christian  mate of your dreams, we have loads of great ideas and samples of attention-grabbing profiles in our How To Write A Great Personals Ad:

Come just as you are to the Christian Dating table. Placing an ad will be free and easy. You’re exposure will be greatly multiplied online. That exposure will only increase in the months and years to come since the internet is fast becoming the # 1 way to meet other singles.

In our programs there are millions of photo personals. You may literally search the world over or simply choose to conduct your campaign locally to find the mate God intends for you.

For those of you unfamiliar with Christian dating let us review a few facts. The search you conduct (some dating services search and select for you) will be based on your preferences and location. Once you are plugged in to one of our services you may make your own selection. The thing to bear in mind is that they are too. This means that you are going to have to get her or his attention and hold it.

The importance of photos and profile narratives and their quality is paramount. Logically it follows that you will want to place an ad about yourself which will excite the greatest interest in your potential viewers. You must know your audience. Important – Photo should have an easily visible (large view) of you. Most personals photos look like they were taken from far away. Get close, that’s the mood you want to convey to your audience.

Just ahead you will be learning how to sell yourself honestly and effectively. Make them swoon. This topic is so essential to your finding a perfect match, that I will devote another article or two. Your profile and photo must make you unforgettable, causing your potential Christian mate  to ignore the rest and choose the best, which is you, of course!