Christian Dating & Singles Coaching is Our Ministry

Dear visitor, Welcome to our Christian dating and singles coaching site! Let me begin by asking you  a few questions about some of the great paradoxes of our day. These are probably questions which you have not considered, but they are critically important issues for our purposes ahead.

Why is it that in this unique age of instant global communications people are more lonely than ever? In fact loneliness is a silent epidemic. Many people both young and old are driven to depression, despair, and even suicide by an inability to make meaningful personal connections with others. Many search want ads, surf the web, or join a Christian singles service (such as this) and exhaust themselves searching.

How could it be that with the ever growing armies of counselors and psychology “experts” the toll of broken relationships (and their fallout; depression, substance abuse etc.) is rising aggressively with no cures on the horizon? All they (the experts) have to offer is more of the same, which is proven not to work. No doubt you are aware that the divorce rate is at an historical all time high. It is so bad that children have even gotten into the act of divorcing their parents. There are other forms of estrangement which have become common place in our society which are especially peculiar to our generation: Elderly parents are sent off to homes, and it is common for parents to raise someone else’s children (Step children and adoptions) instead of their own. The estrangement (alienation) is rampant, we have become desensitized to it’s adverse effects and even it’s unnatural existence.