Use Discernment, Christian Singles

Attractive men, but they might be cyber-lizards! Caution Ladies
Attractive men, but they might be cyber-lizards! Caution Ladies

Another obvious Christian singles’ dating disaster is what I call the “Cyber-Lizard” (borrowed from the term Lounge Lizard, a ne’er do well, who just slithers along, looking for some entertainment, at your expense.) The Cyber-Lizard is usually male, but there are a few female Cyber Lizards out there, too, so men, be forewarned. They have no intention of finding a mate, Christian singles; they just want some attention and they don’t mind wasting hours of your time. They probably spam several men or women at once with the same form letter, just changing the salutation. It might be hard to spot them at first, but you should see a pattern emerge. They won’t be very interested in your views, opinions, or dreams, and probably won’t remember what you said in a previous e-mail! They will prove to be just as lukewarm about the Lord, too, which should send you packing! They probably won’t seem eager to meet, but would rather prolong the cyber-relationship forever.

Like the Cyber-Lizard, the Raunchy-mouthed Recluse uses chat rooms and personals ads just to while away their time. They are generally unemployed, possibly on the dole. In other words, they have a lot of time on their hands. This may be their only social outlet, and more than likely, their parents are happy to pay for their use of dating and friendship services, since it keeps them busy and out of their hair. It isn’t a crime to waste another’s time, so the family thinks they have solved their problems when the Recluse finds online diversions that keep him or her occupied. Christian singles, you can spot the Recluse by the language they use. If they are vulgar, report them to the dating service at once so they can be removed from the list. They will not be bright, but will communicate at about a 6th grade level. If you ever wondered who would send vulgar e-mails, this is it! Picture them, unkempt, hair matted, and dirty. Loners, due to their own laziness. Some of the potty mouths are obnoxious under-achievers, mad at the world and want to tell everyone off. They are incapable of communicating intelligently. Their interests will seem juvenile, because they are. I’m sure you will catch on to them early, so they should only be a momentary irritation. There are other cyber-pests looking for trusting singles, and you should become aware of con artists who prowl the dating sites looking for prey.

Now that Seniors are entering the internet dating scene, there is another class of cyber-pests that seniors (and others) need to watch for; the con artist. Of course, con artists ply their trade offline too. An example of offline con artists: A 95 year old man who has escaped the Grim Reaper despite many surgeries and illnesses, is discovering that many women (and a few relatives he hasn’t seen in 50 years) suddenly recall that he promised to take care of them in his will. Some have even retained an attorney to fight for their share of his rather modest estate. Luckily for him, though most of his body parts hardly function, his mind is sharp, and he is determined to fight them. There are many other crooks trying to fleece seniors off line too, such as companies who over charge older customers, and relatives who move in to “take care” of their loved one. Please, Christian seniors, take the advice IN CAPS below and you will not be taken advantage of by these mooches. Generally, they try to stay within the law, and few are dangerous.

Con artists are looking for someone who is an easy target. Seniors, be on the lookout for this type because there are many elderly with meager pensions, and many younger men and women who are looking for a meal ticket, too. Of course, many seniors, male and female, are in the same boat- without a comfortable pension, but you can tell the honest ones from the cons, because the honest ones will want to marry, and they will not pressure you about changing your will or ask about your property or savings. LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU HAVE LEFT EVERYTHING YOU OWN TO YOUR CHILDREN, INCLUDING YOUR HOME, AND SEE IF THEY LOSE INTEREST. If they do, you will know they had an ulterior motive. But remember, senior Christian singles, the vast majority of seniors who join a dating service are sincere people, who are tired of living alone, and they have so much to share with you, a lifetime of knowledge and experience. Some seniors would be willing to move to your locality should you make a love connection. You should find out, early on, if they really are willing to move, if you are not able or willing to leave your own home, family, and friends. This will save some heartache later, when you fall in love, but neither of you can leave your home town, for whatever reason. It would be wise to search for Christian singles in your area first, if you are not willing to move. Our service makes that easy for you, because our singles are listed by country state, county, city. If you do want to meet an interesting single from another state though, it’s always best to be upfront and honest, right from the beginning. After all, there are multitudes of Christian singles to choose from, and eventually you will meet someone just right for you. Every day new prospective mates join the Christian dating service, so keep watching for someone who fits your “wish list.” Of course, that said, you might want to see if you are willing to make exceptions to your wish list, if a person is perfect for you in many other ways. Flexibility is wise, so that you do not pass up a wonderful person.

Statistics show that the senior dating market is larger than ever before, because over 40 % of seniors are now single. Perhaps divorce is the reason this is so because years ago, people stayed married no matter what their marital problems were. Seniors are also living longer, too, and most try to stay fit and healthy. So there’s a vast number of senior Christian singles out there, and many are now looking for love, online.