Get Off The Couch, Pursue Your Dream Mate!

The best advice I’ve ever seen on finding a mate came from a magazine, geared toward women, but applicable to men also. The advice was: If you want to marry, approach the adventure with energy, a positive attitude, and determination. Christian singles, you must put as much gusto into your search for a great mate as you did with anything you have ever accomplished: such as finishing college, buying a new home, or whatever you have worked hard to achieve. This goes for guys searching for a soulmate out there too!  Don’t just sit around, waiting for the love of your life to come knocking on your door! You will probably get a visit from Publisher’s Clearing House before you find your dream date at your doorstep! Forget the fantasies, and get to work. Instead, apply for a free membership and look the online dating service over. (you can click on ads here to get information, to get the ball rolling.)  Have in mind a list of the qualities you are looking for, and read the profiles available. Don’t stop there, but put together your own profile, after you have studied our tips for writing a great personal ad.  Be sure to include a recent photo of yourself, because it has been estimated that personal ads  that do not include a photo are only responded to by 8% to10% of the singles.

Online Dating Experiences Others Have Reported:

Angie, a non Christian, is about 55 years old. After her beloved husband died of cancer, she was alone and thought she had no reason to go on, but she had a friend who encouraged her to try online dating. She started, many months after losing her mate of 30 years. At first it was difficult, because she wasn’t used to relating to men as suitors, and she found it was very different communicating with them, after so many years of talking to the same man, with whom she shared many interests, and two children. She didn’t feel comfortable in replying to men’s personal ads, so she waited for responses to hers.

Hearing that there are dishonest people in the internet dating scene, Angie planned to check out the men who responded to her personal ad. She browsed through the services that give information about people and decided on Net Detective, where she could find a person’s name, address, phone number and age, and this also indicated whether the man was married. For a larger fee, she could find information about him, such as if he had ever been arrested, etc. She chose the premium service, and it came in handy, as she met many who were not what they professed to be. Fortunately, most of her dates were decent men. Since she lives in a city of over 1 million people, she did not correspond with men far away, but found many singles near home. Angie never gave them her address or last name until she felt comfortable doing so, and they were given her cell phone number, which could not be traced to her home. As you can see, Angie was very cautious. Soon she got responses, and went through the usual period of getting to know the ones who interested her. Then she began dating. On first dates, she and her date decided on a place to meet, and she drove herself to and from these restaurants which were busy, with plenty of people around. Angie felt that “there’s safety in numbers” so this was ideal for her peace of mind. Most of the men, though, did not stir up the “chemistry” she was looking for, although many were attractive and had good personalities.

After two years, she has not yet met a man she would like to spend the rest of her life with, but she doesn’t regret the time spent getting to know them. One that really attracted her, unfortunately had an addiction to alcohol, and when she found out, she broke off the relationship. Angie isn’t desperate to marry because she still compares these men to her late husband, and none measures up to her memory of him. One ugly experience was a particular dinner date when the man’s girlfriend appeared and an embarrassing feud erupted, with astonished diners gaping at the threesome. This was too much for Angie, and she left before the main course was served. She never heard from the man again, but she didn’t miss him. Such is life, when dating people from a secular dating service. This is not to say, Christian singles, that everyone listed in a Christian dating service will be perfect. However, if they are sincere about their faith, they will be looking for real love and commitment. Your patience in a long courtship will help you discern any problems before you have said, “I do” and if you do not marry in haste, you will not repent in leisure.