Avoid Flakes, Con artists With Secret Weapon

Don’t you feel sorry, Christian Singles,  for the poor souls trying to make a love connection on secular dating sites? These sites draw the most creeps, jerks, flakes and con artists, by far! This illustrates very clearly how fortunate we are that our Lord carefully defined for us what a Christian man or woman is all about! And for the same reason that the above mentioned creeps, etc., will generally stick up their noses at Christian online dating, your Christian brothers and sisters will embrace it, our secret weapon! We, after all, have read the same rule book, the Bible, and we go into a relationship, understanding we both will play by the same rules. We know the Lord expects us to be truthful, kind, and without guile. 

Your primary challenge will be to find a Christian date who has the same standards of conduct that you have, and who experiences intimacy with God as deeply as you do. As you know, Christians are quite varied, some just coming into the faith, and some far more mature in the deeper things of God. Of course the newly transformed believer can grow under the influence of a more seasoned believer, so if you meet one, and they are open and eager to grow in the Lord, that isn’t necessarily a stumbling block. It just means you will need to take time to help them grow. Once they discover the wonders of a close, personal relationship with God and feel His love and power flowing through them, they will be on fire, too!

In the adventure called Christian singles online dating, you will discover a virtual smorgasbord of characters, funny, creative, enthusiastic, intelligent, inspiring, caring, and thoughtful. You can bring out the best in them by complimenting them about aspects of their personality you admire. Everyone likes to know when they have inspired admiration, and it will please them all the more when they feel at ease with someone who obviously appreciates what they have to say. Be an encourager, lift their spirits, make them feel special. Also be prepared to share in their times of trouble, offering consoling words, a prayer, and words of hope for the future.