Netiquette And Tips On First E-mail

E-mail Etiquette For Christian Singles’ Online Dating

E-mail etiquette is called netiquette on the internet. There are only a few rules that apply to your online dating correspondence. Generally, all e-mail should be as polite and respectful, as your conversations are, offline. Be careful with humor, and be sure it will not be taken as an insult or put down. Use a smiley face or a comment like “just kidding” or to indicate that you meant no insult. After all, the person reading it cannot look clues, for an expression on your face, tone of voice, or a gesture, to show that you are not being sarcastic. While most e-mails are informal, it is wise to put your best foot forward since you are trying to make a good impression.

Do not consider your e-mail private. Always realize that others may read what you thought only your Christian Cherishmate would see. If you live with a family or have roommates, they may snoop while you are out, to see how the romance is moving along. One young woman was furious when her younger brother made copies of an e-mail she received, and shared all the mushy stuff and personal secrets with friends!

Using all capital letters is considered “shouting” so keep it to a minimum. You can capitalize a word or phrase to emphasize it, or use bold type, or underline it. Reading text in capital letters is also a strain on the eyes, and some readers are not used to it, so it will take them longer to read it.

It’s hardly worth mentioning two other breaches of netiquette, since I’m sure Christian singles would never be guilty of this rude behavior: Flaming means an abusive outraged attack. No one likes to be “Flamed” or hear excessive outrage about others, either. Your new lady love will not be favorably impressed by flaming, nor will a gentleman overlook such uncouth behavior. Another breach in netiquette is to talk suggestively in e-mail or instant messaging, using coarse language. This just indicates that you have no respect for the person you are writing to, and it also indicates that you are not serious about your Christian walk. No doubt, 99% of you Christian singles just read this paragraph for nothing! Sorry about that! I knew you didn’t need it! But that 1% might have needed it, and they know who they are!

When writing your first e-mail to a prospective Christian date, you can either begin with a breezy Hi!, or the usual salutation, Dear. And in closing, you could use the old standard, Sincerely, or even Love, especially if you follow it with “Your sister in Christ” or another comment, since, after all, we all are FAMILY, right? As I mentioned before, we share a unique relationship as Christian brothers and sisters, so we do not need to be as formal as we would be with others. The main idea is to sound warm and welcoming, without being outrageously too “familiar” in your first e-mail. Later you both may want to instant message each other, but don’t agree if you’re not ready for it. Your new friend will know when you are online and might continually interrupt whatever you are doing. Besides, e-mail allows you to give the impression that you have a life, (outside waiting for his or her response,) and the anticipation for him or her of receiving your next e-mail will be increased if you are not instantly available at all times. The time will come when you both know this is more than a casual friendship, then instant messaging will probably become essential!