How Our Crowning Glory Attracts Mates

The five levels of non-verbal communications

Meet single Christian women or men for long term romance. Read our dating advice from dating coach Katherine Tapani.The five levels of non-verbal communications: What your hair style says about you and what you want it to say. We can examine hair styles from years gone by to the present to understand the timeless attraction of our Crowning Glory.

Clean cut and well groomed hair is a sign of health, hygiene and social status. These people really care about social norms. Christian online daters note, sociopaths will usually take on this look because they know it is trusted.

Proctor and Gamble commissioned a study at Yale University in 2000 on the opposite sex’s perceptions of hair styles and here’s what they found.

For women’s hair styles;

1. Short, tousled hair conveys confidence and an outgoing personality, but ranks low in sexual attractiveness.

2. Medium length hair suggests intelligence and a good nature.

3. Long straight blonde hair projects sexuality and affluence.

4. Long hair in general accents the lips and eyes, removes jaw and brow features to soften the face. Out of all the hair styles going this makes women most attractive to men. The feminine features do not conflict with the stronger bony features of the face.

Have you ever noticed that men will stop and look at a woman with very long hair even if she has her back to them? Men tend to assume that she is attractive, though she may not necessarily be so.

For men’s hair styles;

1. Short front flip – Confident, sexy and self-centered.

2. Medium length side parted – Intelligence, affluence and narrow minded

3. Long – All brawn and no brains. Careless and good-natured.

4. Short military – Shows power by exposing the bony features of the face. All military hair codes require this cut, for the well understood reason that they look more fierce. It is not a coincidence that military codes worldwide require their soldiers to wear their hair in this manner. The military’s job is to kill people, not be politically correct.

Christian singles there you have it, take this information and use it to help you in your selection process. Now let us proceed on to the next level of non-verbal communications.

Now let’s consider what those all important silent messages might convey. Does your smile light up a room? Do you know how to signal to the opposite sex that you want to meet them, and learn more about them? Stay tuned, Christian singles!

The five levels of non-verbal communications; CherishMates exclusive report.

Christian singles note; The second level of non-verbal communications is:

2. The recognition – This is the springboard phase. At this point in the encounter we begin (If we are interested) to give them non-verbal signs to communicate our intentions. The signs are; flirtations, smiling, neck dimple, body alignment, self-touching, and clothing adjustment. We will trade gestures to tell each other almost subliminally to come closer until we touch. What are these common springboard gestures? They are;

· Smile- Have you ever noticed that when someone smiles or laughs in a crowd that those around them will usually mirror the same emotion? This phenomenon is called motorized empathy. When someone is happy, sad, or grieved we tend to take these attitudes as well especially if we are close to the person who is happy or sad. This is why it is said that a smile is contagious.

Smiles are especially contagious with those whom we are close to or wish to be close to. If she likes you she will usually laugh when you laugh. She is saying I wish to be a part of you. Of course, motorized empathy works on many different levels other than explained above. We may yawn when others do, or mirror facial expressions. We especially do this with children. Why? Because we understand that their knowledge of human behavior is not yet formed, and we are teaching them to be empathetic.

If he smiles with you it is a good bet that he is interested or at least not repulsed by you.

· Body alignment – If their body is squared to yours then of course they are giving due attention to you. But if they begin to mirror your posture and stance then it should be understood that they feel at ease and friendly toward you. Just another way of communicating our desire to proceed to deeper relations. Just ahead in the CherishMates Dating primer we will be discussing the neck dimple, don’t miss it!

The five levels of non-verbal communications

· Neck dimple – The most tender and vulnerable part of the body just above the collar bone and below the trachea. If it is exposed it signals a willingness to be vulnerable to the world. Military uniforms cover this area as do business suits (ties) to display strength and authority. A covered neck dimple tells all to stay back unless I say so. Throat bearing is a sign of submission throughout the animal kingdom.

Christian singles (women) if you are out on a date and he is wearing a tie and he doesn’t ever loosen it during the evening he is giving a signal that he is not ready to expose his vulnerable side yet. If on the other hand he loosens his tie this is an off handed flirt, a solicitation. Have you ever noticed that when a very attractive woman walks by a group of business men that it is common for the men to grab the knot of their tie? Why do they do this? They are subconsciously saying “I wish I could get closer-more intimate with her.”

People in general, and especially women will touch or pat this area during times of distress. The clear message is that they wish to retreat from the unfortunate circumstance and reduce their vulnerability. If you are out on a date and a bad scene erupts and she touches this area get her out of there. If you are the cause of her touching this area, then you will know the sign and be aware of her true feelings.

· Flirting – Overt flirting is an art and we are all pretty good at reading the signs without much problem, but the majority of flirtations are covert and not so easily discerned. So, ahead we will explore the signs that he or she likes you.

Signs that she likes you –

She gazes in your eyes, pupils dilated.

Her skin becomes reddish or flushed.

Her vocal intonations reflect yours.

She touches her cheek.

She winks at you.

She lightly bits her lips, shows her tongue, or touches her front teeth with her index finger.

Her sitting posture is straight with muscles firm.

She laughs with you.

She twirls her hair while looking at you.

Signs that he likes you –

He gazes in your eyes, pupils dilated.

His gaze fixates on your lips as though a kiss were eminent.

His eyes wander around your face, and then back to a gaze.

He studies you.

His neck dimple is fully exposed.

Christian singles, other interesting aspects of the second level of nonverbal communications will be discussed ahead.