Dreams Are The Engines of Success

dancer087Does your heart yearn to feel the joy this happy couple has found? Consider this:

Dear reader, when you go to bed at night in the still moments before sleep does your heart tend to take off on flights of fancy? This is your heart chasing it’s neglected desires. We are all guilty of suppressing that starving heart within. The day brings responsibilities, burdens, and disappointments which conspire to quench the hearts flame. We (even Christian singles) tend to lose heart and abandon our dreams. Is this you dear reader? What dreams have you abandoned? Does your heart still cry out at the end of the day to be heard?

Dreams are the engines of success in any endeavor whether it be romance, business, or happiness. Our aim ahead will be to restore your dream engine to it’s original condition and get you motivated and excited again. Life does not have to be dull, indeed it should not be dull. Let yourself live the heart’s adventure you’ve been aching for all your life.

Since you are still reading this, I will assume that you are interested in freeing yourself to love and dream as you were designed to.

Through the gathering chaos this single story of truth is striving to be told to an audience such as you, the Christian single. This is your key to the happiness which God has purposed for your life!


Love is something so divine, 

Description would make it less;

‘Tis what I feel, but can’t define

‘Tis what I know, but can’t express.- Beilby Porteus

All believers please note; It is supremely important that we as Christian singles and imperfect beings shed all of the negative hostilities that we may harbor one toward another, especially when it comes to issues between men and women. We must deal with imperfect people perfectly. We must forgive others for transgressions, insults, and injuries whether real or imagined. Why?

We forgive in the degree that we love.” – Rochefoucauld

We men and women of faith tend to think of forgiveness towards our enemies, but we should also forgive our friends, family, and spouses.  The 1989 movie, The War of the Roses, starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, featured vicious attacks which drove that point home!

Without forgiveness the walls we have erected as a defense mechanism will never come down, and that dynamic love which we all desire will be forever beyond our grasp. By forgiving you have taken the first step in extending love towards one another.

If you can do this CONGRATULATIONS. You have just liberated yourself, you are FREE to love more deeply and take up your Christian singles quest with a clean heart.

You, dear Christian single, were charitable in the face of wrong done to you while they were yet undeserving. They never asked for your forgiveness, nor were they even aware of the personal pardon which you granted unconditionally. This is an act of unconditional love. You have it in you. Some fortunate soul will thank God for the privilege of your blessed hand one day.

Dear reader if you find yourself unable to forgive at this point in your life do not lose heart. For everything there is a time and a season. Our Lord will revisit those old wounds and give you the strength to overcome and wipe the slate of hurtful memories clean, for a bright new beginning. Trust in Him!