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Tickle a Rat, Spread the Joy!

Tickle a Rat, Spread the Joy!

Overcoming Loneliness and Depression

( Trust Me, This Does Have Something To Do With Overcoming Loneliness and Depression!)

Meet single Christian women or men for long term romance. Read our dating advice from dating coach Katherine Tapani.Guess what! No sooner had the medical establishment accepted and sanctioned prayer as a healing “breakthrough,” now they have discovered that God’s creation, namely the animals, have a “Joy Module” built in, just as humans do! And this has implications for our purposes because we need to bring your joy, laughter, contentment, and happiness back! Since we know that we were created to express joy (e.g. “The joy of the Lord is our STRENGTH”… Did you get that?) our therapy must include steps to heal our “Joy Module” (not a medical term, I made it up, because some time ago researchers opined that people were designed with what they called , a God Module.) This God Module explains why the vast majority of folks on Earth believe in some form of a higher being and this is precisely why it is so hard to make atheists out of them! Communism tried and failed miserably. The believers simply went underground to worship their God. When the Iron Curtain fell, churches and synagogues sprang up and filled in the former Soviet Union and faith is alive and vibrant there today. The Communists knew they must destroy the people’s faith in God in order to control their minds, so they closed many churches, persecuted believers and sent them to prison camps (where the believers found a new mission field in fellow prisoners!!!) . The Communists indoctrinated small children to replace faith in God with faith in Communism instead. This cruel experiment, forcing atheism on the young left many without hope, adrift in society and the hollow promises of the revolution didn’t ring true.

There are two successful means of creating atheists; one being atheist parents who teach their children from youth, and I’m sorry to say, religion that lacks the love of God and the POWER of God and turns more away from life-affirming faith than it draws in. Some believers say they lost their faith while in school, as atheist teachers convinced them that science proves the Bible false, but this, too, can be laid at the dead churches’ doorstep because ministers, teachers and parents did not show young people that Intelligent Design is a perfect fit for life’s incredible complexity. And as molecular science finds even more complexity in living cells, Intelligent Design does not flinch from new evidence, as evolutionists must, hoping against hope that students won’t question the simplistic mantras of Darwin and his followers that utterly fail to produce evidence from the .fossil record to substantiate macro-evolution ( e.g. birds evolving from reptiles; and the embarrassing absence of transitional forms that these huge jumps between completely different life forms should have left behind.) No, our students should have been equipped with “baloney detectors”, a term I borrow from the late Carl Sagan, who obviously needed one too.To believe that life happened by chance, and the universe sprang into being from nothing demands what science fiction writers and others asked of their readers, “a willing suspension of disbelief!”